Sunday, November 2

love so late.. i'm sorry

even though u r close 2 me.. u always seemed 2 b 1 step away..
never did realize that u were here with me..
although u n i both knew.. i was just pretending 2 b smart..
i never took the time 2 listen 2 my heart..

so hard.. 2 c u try 2 hide ur tears from me..
so hard 2 say a word 2 keep ur love away..
but now i know.. that u tried 2 hide ur aching heart from me..
now i realize the pain that u've gone through..

even though i saw u there.. i didn't know that it was love..
even though i left u there.. i realized that it was love..
now i realize this breaking heart of mine is all 4 u..
i'm so sorry that my love were just so late..

i know i didn't even listen 2 my heart..
i talked about my love.. how could i b so blind..
but now i know.. it's hard 2 let me c u slip away..
it's so hard 2 stop this breaking heart of mine..

maybe i lied believing that u r not mine..
afraid of the happiness.. the love that could have been mine..

i hope u still remember me.. i do still want u by my side..
i promise that i'll wait 4 u.. feel so sorry 4 the pain i put u through..
n i promise that i pledge my life n all my love 2 u..

with this gift of love i give 2 u..
this pledge of love forever more..
eternally i pledge my love 2 u..